Travel Info

Trondheim is most easily reached by plane to Trondheim Aiport Værnes, about half an hour from downtown Trondheim.

Direct flights to the Continent are provided by Norwegian and SAS.

In addition there are direct flights with KLM, and slightly less frequently, Lufthansa. Most major and many minor airlines fly to Oslo or Copenhagen where you can make a connection to Trondheim. If you enter the country via Oslo (or any other airport) and book a separate connecting flight, please do factor in time for collecting luggage, passing through customs, re-checking luggage and passing through security.

From the airport to downtown, we recommend public transportation as taxis can be extremely expensive (but if so inclined, contact TrønderTaxi via their massively user-unfriendly site to pre-order a seat in a shared airport cab at 370 NKR/€45 per person). For transport in general, see the airport’s info page.

The Airport Express Coach (Flybussen) is comfortable and most frequent (normally every ten minutes) and stops right by the hotel.

There is also a train service, cheaper but less frequent. You may also wish to consult the national railroad service (NSB) if you plan to arrive by train via Denmark or Sweden.

The train stops at Trondheim Central Station (Trondheim S), just two hundred meters from the hotel.

Rental cars can be very cheap, although gasoline certainly is not (currently approaching 2€/liter).

Transportation during the conference will be provided, but if you should need to use the bus to or from Dragvoll campus, take bus numbers 5, 9, 36 and 66 (depending on where you want to leave from or go to downtown).

For general information on travel to and in Norway, see the national tourism website (in multiple languages).

Accommodation for speakers will be at Rica Nidelven Hotel.

Norway is not part of the Eurozone; for kroner (NKR) you can in most cases use Visa, MasterCard, and some other cards to withdraw from a minibank (ATM/Cash Machine).

Due to the oil-fueled economy and Nordic model welfare state, Norway is a high-cost country. Especially alcohol (e.g. a beer may be around €10), many restaurants, gasoline and taxis may be very expensive.

Trondheim (for original file see here): Rica Nidelven is just next to the police (#18) and a short walk from the central station (#25). For NTNU Dragvoll campus see inset map.


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