Conference Program

DAY I – Monday, 2 June

Location: Dragvoll D10

Welcome by Professor Anne Kristine Børresen, Dean, Faculty of Humanities, 09:00

Common Soldiers: Social Origins, 09:15-11:00
Chair: Leif Inge Ree Petersen
Respondent: Anne Curry
Peter Heather
Freedmen: Forgotten Warriors of the Post-Roman West
Bernard Bachrach
Charlemagne’s Expeditionary Levy: Some Observations Regarding the Poorer Elements
Stephen Bennett
The Crusading Household of King Richard I

Coffee Break 11:00-11:15

Common Soldiers: Military Effectiveness, 11:15-13:00
Chair: Tor Einar Fagerland
Respondent: Erik Opsahl
Matthew Strickland
Infantry and Non-Knightly Troops in the Warfare of the Anglo-Norman and Angevin Kings, 1066-1217
Matthew Bennett
The role of Common Soldiers in Twelfth-Century Vernacular Sources
Kelly DeVries
The commune Soldier in the Late Middle Ages

Lunch, 13:00-14:30 (by invitation)

Craftsmen, Engineers and Medics, 14:30-16:30
Chair: Bernard Bachrach
Respondent: Magne Njåstad
Nicolas Prouteau
The Medieval Engineer at War: From Common Servants to the magister ingeniator (11th-13th C.)
Manuel Rojas Gabriel
Common besiegers in the War of the Strait of Gibraltar (c. 1275-1350)
Leandro Ferreira
The besteiros do conto (crossbowmen) in Medieval Portugal: From Common Men to Elite Force
Ilana Krug
Those Who Preserve Life on the Field of Death: Medical Practitioners at War, 1100-1500

Coffee & Waffle Break 16:30-17:00

Government Policy and Common People, 17:00-18:30
Chair: João Gouveia Monteiro
Respondent: Leif Inge Ree Petersen
James Howard-Johnston
Byzantium at War: Mobilisation of the Peasantry, 7th-9th Centuries
Joannis Stouraitis
Trapped in the Grand-narrative? Imperial Warfare and the Byzantine Masses, 7th-12th Centuries

Closing Discussion to 18:30


DAY II – Tuesday, 3 June

Location: Dragvoll D10

Women as Actors and Victims in Warfare, 09:00-11:00
Chair: Ilana Krug
Respondent: Randi Wærdahl
Leif Inge Ree Petersen
The Fate and Role of Female Captives of War in the Early Caliphate, c. 640-750
Iben Fonnesberg-Schmidt & Torben Kjersgaard Nielsen
Women in the Wars of Conversion in North-Eastern Europe c. 1100-1300
Anne Curry
Women as Actors or Victims in the Fifteenth-Century Phase of the Hundred Years War
István Petrovics
Captives from Hungary: the Fate of Georgius de Hungaria and Margaret Himfy

Coffee & Waffle Break 11:00-11:15

Common Men and Women at War: Law, Theory and Practice, 11:15-13:00
Chair: Marek Thue Kretschmer
Respondent: Sebastian Salvadó
John Gillingham
The Development of Non-Combatant Immunity? The Law of Innocents and the Peace of God
Martin Aurell
Cultural Perceptions of Women at War in the Twelfth Century
Luis García-Guijarro
Sergeants in the Rule of the Templars

Lunch, 13:00-14:30 (by invitation)

Prisoners of War in Medieval Iberia, Southern France and Scandinavia
Panel coordinated by João Gouveia Monteiro
Chairs: Iben Fonnesberg-Schmidt and Luis García-Guijarro
Respondents: Kelly DeVries and Martin Aurell

Part I, 14:30-15:30

Francisco García Fitz
Prisoners of War – The Castilian-Leonese and Muslim Experience: 11th-13th Centuries
Fernando Tinoco Díaz
Captivity on the Frontier between the Kingdom of Castile and the Emirate of Granada: 14th-15th Centuries
Miguel Gomes Martins
Prisoners of War in Portugal, 1128-1350

Part II, 15:40-16:40

João Gouveia Monteiro
Prisoners of War in Portugal, 1350-1450
Martín Alvira Cabrer
Prisoners of War in the Albigensian Crusade, 1209-1229
Kurt Villads Jensen
Prisoners in the Baltic in the 12th-13th centuries

Panel and final discussion: 16:45-17:30

Closure of sessions by Assoc. Prof. Tor Einar Fagerland, Chair, Department of Historical Studies

Walkabout, Old Town of Trondheim: Old Wharfs, Nidaros Cathedral, Archbishop’s Palace

Karl-Fredrik Keller Nidaros 1300

Nidaros (old Trondheim) ca 1300 AD, reconstruction by Karl-Fredrik Keller

DAY III – Wednesday, 4 June

(by invitation)

EXCURSION, 10:00-16:00


Suhmhuset, 17:30-19:30

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