Conference: Common men and women at war, 300-1500 AD

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Trondheim, 2-4 June 2014

A conference funded by the Research Council of Norway and arranged by the Department of Historical Studies and the Faculty of Humanities at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

 The conference aims at breaking fresh ground on the role of subaltern and lower-status groups who despite their significance have received sparse attention in the historiography of late antique and medieval warfare. Topics covered include:

  • The common soldier, militias, attendants, and unfree troops
  • Craftsmen, engineers, medics and other civilians specialists in war
  • Women as actors and victims of war
  • Policy and ideology of common people at war
  • Captives of war and their role in economy, politics, ideology, and cultural change

The program is now closed and details posted here.

For for further information on participation, go to contact.


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